Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Life has been so busy

{Sad News}
I really have enjoyed this whole blogging thing (as little of it as I have done). And unfortunately, there is not enough time in my life for this blog. Not enough time to take pictures, to upload them, or to post them. But all hope is not lost! My plan is to postpone this project until January. By then the holidays will be over and I will be done with school. Also, I'm considering starting a new blog now....just to share random pictures and thoughts and whatnot. If that happens, I'll post a link to it here. Thanks so much for reading and looking. 
God bless & lots of love,

(Meghan Lee Photography)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

September Third through Fifth

{Catching Up} 
Bad news: I forgot about the blog and didn't take pictures for a couple days. Good news: I am substituting two other pictures- one of which is my favorite.

(This is a substitute photo- actual date is 8.23.09)
 (This is a bicycle I found on the street for free and I'm totally psyched to fix it up.)

(This is a substitute photo- actual date is 7.20.09)
(Mark is my favorite "model.")


(P.S. I'm a sucker for boots)

*Remember:: Click on photos to enlarge.

I'm still a few days behind but will get more photos up soon.
Have a wonderful evening.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I am a terrible blogger

Yes, I know I haven't posted any pictures in days (busy week) but the plan is to get at least a few up tonight. However, I must keep priorities in order and finish Journalism homework first. Whoopdedoo.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

September Second

{Best Friends}
Had barely five minutes of photo time today, and not much beats the cuteness of a little girl and her dog.

Nikon D40. Cameron Park, CA (9.2.09)

September First

{Photo Number One}
Its here! It is day one of three hundred sixty-five(or was a few minutes ago). And of all the days I could have chosen to start my project, today was the busiest. I was nonstop moving, but luckily had time for some fun backyard pictures this evening.
Photo taken with a Nikon D40. Cameron Park, CA (9.1.09)
Click on image to see full size photo!

Now for a good night's rest before another very busy day.
           Good night moon...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The New Blog

This is my first blog and the plan is to take one photo every day for a year and post each here. Some days I will forget, or the internet will bum out on me, or I just won't have time. Nonetheless, by September 1st, 2010 I will have 365 photos here. And that being said, I won't upload picture number one until September 1st, 2009- five days from tomorrow.
Happy viewing!